Balance Your Life Path Numerology

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Balance Your Life Path Numerology












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Learn your life path number and obtain the wisdom to live a more harmonious life.The soul chooses when to be born and therefore, you can derive a life path number representing the life’s purpose or journey for the soul.The life path number is a breakdown of the total sum of an individual’s birth-date. From this number one can receive insights as to what life experiences or themes will be challenging, and repetitive. This book explains how to live a more balanced life based on that knowledge.

Numbers are considered to have particular energy traits or vibration patterns assigned to them. The metaphysical traits are as follows:





1-Individuality, will, ego

2-Cooperation, peace

3-Creativity, self -expression

4-Discipline, work

5-Freedom, change, free will

6-Service, responsibility

7-Wisdom, knowledge

8-Power, authority


Master Numbers are considered to be 11, 22, and 33

11-Spiritual enlightenment and revelation

22-Spiritual knowledge and discipline

33-Service of a higher calling

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