What is Tarot?

psychic reading using tarot cards is a commonly used method.  This method takes into account the divinatory meaning of a card and the proximity of other cards in relation to it.  Sometimes if the card is upside down, it weakens the meaning or even reverses it. It depends on the individual psychic giving the reading on how the card is interpreted. Usually, the psychic has the person being read  handle or shuffle the cards in some manner or does it for them. The cards are then placed into a particular spread and interpreted. There are numerous types of spreads and once again it depends on the individual psychic and his or her preference. Tarot cards have different pictures on them and there are many different kinds of artistic designs and decks one can choose from.

A Tarot deck of cards contains 78 cards divided into two main groups:

22 Major Arcana

56 Lesser Arcana

The 22 Major Arcana or trump cards are comprised of:

0 The Fool-new beginnings, folly,mania

1 The Magician-skill, ability to make things so

2 The High Priestess- secrets,mystery

3 The Empress- creativity,fruitfulness, nurture

4 The Emperor-stability,power,leader

5 The Hierophant-man of spirituality, servitude

6 The Lovers-attraction or love to a person or thing

7 The Chariot-struggle or war,triumph, means of transportation

8 Strength- power energy,courage

9 The Hermit-introspection, alone,  prudence

10 Wheel of Fortune-luck, success, fortune,

11 Justice-equity, balance in reason or  naturally forced

12 The Hanged Man-wisdom, time of trial or reflecting,

13 Death-transformation, change, end, and mortality

14 Temperance-tempering, moderation

15 The Devil-temptations, ambitions

16 The Tower-adversity, misery, false concepts thought of as real

17 The Star-looks to the future,wishing, spiritual insight

18 The Moon-hidden enemies,emotional and mental trial

19 The Sun-triumph, happiness, mental clarity

20 Judgement-change in position, renewal, past is past

21 The World-successful conclusion, voyage, change of place, satisfaction

Please understand the above meanings are generic and not all inclusive.

The Lesser Arcana is separated into 4 suits: Wands,Cups,Swords, Coins or Pentacles

Wands-represent the element fire, passions, doing or actions

Cups-represent the element water, feelings or emotions

Swords-represent the element air, thoughts or conflicts

Coins or Pentacles-represent the the element earth, material aspects and possessions of our lives

Each suit then has the following cards:

King, Queen, Knight, Page,10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace

The King, Queen, Knight, Page, or (court cards)  usually represent people in    relation to the reading or question but they can be symbolic as well.

The 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, Ace cards all have meanings as well as they pertain within their respected suit. Some readers will use numerology when interpreting these cards.

The Tarot psychic reading would be given to an individual based on the cards that came up in a particular spread and in relation to the questions that might have been asked. The reader should also receive some information through his or her own metaphysical method.

Psychic Reading

Psychic reading is an occurrence where one person tries to perceive information and insights using extra-sensory- perception (esp) from a metaphysical realm.  There are various methods and tools per se’ that a  psychic reader may use to provide the reading such as Tarot cards, runes, astrological signs and charts, and numerology and more. There are some psychic readers that use a form of channeling spirits as a medium such as John Edward or Sylvia Brown.  These psychics are usually referred to as being clairvoyant. Most psychics consider themselves to be clairvoyant to a point since it is their own perception that they rely on when providing a reading for someone or for themselves.

A psychic reader that uses Tarot cards will use different lay outs of the cards after the person that they are reading has handled them  or shuffled them. The psychic will then interpret the layout of the cards using them only as tools and a visual aid. A good reader will  use the intuition they receive more so than the exact representation of each card, but will use the card or cards as a point of reference .

A psychic reading using runes is done in a similar way, but usually the runes are cast from a cup or one’s hands on to a cloth and the ones face up are interpreted. Usually, 3 runes would be picked up and interpreted in light of the questions asked but there are other methods as well. Runic divination can be simple or very complex. It is necessary for the reader to be very intuitive and knowledgeable about the runes however.

A psychic reading by numerology  is a breakdown of an individual’s personal numbers or life path number, which are derived from one’s birth-date and or name. From these numbers one can receive insight as to what life experiences or themes will be easy, challenging, and repetitive. Some believe that a soul chooses when to be born and therefore, one could derive a life path number representing the life’s purpose or journey for the soul. The life path number (or soul number) is derived by taking ones entire birth-date -month ,day,and year and adding its sum. The sum is then added until it becomes a single numerical digit.

An astrological psychic reading or an Astrology chart uses the birth-date, the time of birth, and the place of birth (longitude and latitude) to determine the influencing factors of the planets on a person and how those planets affect each other. Horoscopes are derived in the same manner, but usually, the birth- date is what is important there. The method of doing one’s chart is a bit to involved for me to explain here.

Personally, I believe that everyone has psychic ability, but some are more apt than others. I believe that psychic ability is developed and grows stronger just like a muscle. The more you use it and understand it, the stronger it becomes. This psychic ability is an established connection to the metaphysical realm or spirit world. It is really no different than the feeling one gets when trying to connect in a spiritual way. What is different, is how one uses the psychic or spiritual connection as well as the strength of it. It is the intuition and emotion one feels that is perceived as the extra-sensual-perception when doing a reading. It is this perception and not the tools used that separate really good psychics from your average psychic. Even you can develop that esp and open your inner clairvoyant psychic because we all have it to be developed. Just remember, it is like a muscle and everyone has a different measure of strength.

Metaphysics and Lore

metaphysics cover

“Wonderful book on divination and enlightenment!”

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Taken from Prologue in Metaphysics and Lore:

Consider the following questions. Have you ever had a dream that turned out to be a premonition and left you curious as to why you had the dream? Is there only one right religion? Does God exist?  What about the possibility of a Goddess?  An atheist believes in neither, but does that make him or her right?  Do spirits or guardian angels exist?  Have you ever lost a loved one and been concerned for their soul or spirit?  What are your thoughts about reincarnation? A harder more complex question is why do you believe what you believe?  Now, truly reflect on that question and think about it. How did you develop the belief system you currently hold? Is your conviction and faith unwavering?  Do you truly believe that your religion or faith is the only way to eternal salvation and any other practicing faith is doomed to Hell?  My favorite question is “How do you prove it?” Maybe you are a soul searching for spiritual enlightenment or conviction and faith for that very reason.

Maybe you believe what you do because a certain book says to. Many were just born into a family that believed in a specific religion and so they were brought up with those belief systems. The problem with that quite often is those belief systems are conditioned and often lack a true spiritual connection.  This results in a lack of true conviction. Now I am not trying to offend or question anyone’s faith or conviction!  I just want you to be true to yourself and really question the spiritual connection and conviction you have or don’t have in that faith.

How would one prove the existence of God, angels, or spirits? For the record, “Because the Bible or any other book says so” is not the answer I am looking for here. Obviously, it would be difficult to gather empirical evidence.  Many people have to see or experience something first hand before their belief system is altered or even shaken. When is your perception of reality affected?  Does it happen by coincidence? Is it when your friends or family tell you that something does not exist or isn’t real like Santa or the tooth fairy?

I would suggest the truest answers lie deeper within us at the point where knowledge and faith confront each other.  The experiences in our lives are like a river of knowledge for us to tap into for our own sense of reality and faith.  From there a bridge of faith is built that gives us our convictions.  Each one of us has an individual source of knowledge and bridge of faith.  Some of us just build different bridges than others.  The bottom line is we all build a bridge of some kind.

Everyone has free will to choose and believe in whatever faith they so choose.  Please consider these questions. If Spirits or Angels were trying to reach you, would you sense them? Do you find that concept ridiculous and crazy? Would you have the will or courage to believe in these psychic-phenomena?  If not, what proof would it take to change your mind? Is magic real? What is the true source of intuition and instinct? Should we always trust or follow our own gut feelings? Are the thoughts in our heads always our own or is it possible at times we are being reached by higher levels of consciousness?  Do some people or possibly everyone really have psychic abilities?

What if you could meet someone who could enlighten your perception of reality through proof and not trickery?  What if it were possible for that someone to help you see visions of the future and then those visions came true?  What if then, you could hear voices of deceased loved ones?  Would you embrace possession of such skills and knowledge as a gift or a curse?  Would you want to or even dare to meet a Master of such skills? Perhaps fate could intervene and a chance meeting between you and such a kindred spirit could just happen like it did for me. Actually, if you are reading this, then fate and your kindred spirits are already trying to enlighten you.

Man has been searching for the answer to these questions since the beginning of time. Maybe, just maybe, our answers to those questions have been conditioned by society over long periods of time. Again I would suggest the truest answers lie deeper within us at the point where knowledge and faith confront each other.

Many people pray and yet to most that is a very acceptable idea. Most don’t consider those people crazy to believe and pray to something that can’t be seen. If a person believes in a spirit world or that he can communicate with it, is he crazy or schizophrenic? Should they be committed to a mental institution for believing in what they can’t see?

At what point, do you draw the line and choose to believe or not believe?  Is it in the interpretation of another’s belief system that might be contradictory to yours or incomprehensible? Is it from reading a book written by man that was supposedly passed down from God? Or is it from your own personal experiences that you draw your faith and personal convictions? What bridge of faith have you built?

Today, I follow the path of a practicing shaman and the bridge that I continue to build is a story of spiritual confrontation between conventional religion, knowledge and faith, and a whole lot of mystical experiences in between. I was born into a family with Christian based beliefs and I feared the concept of a Christian Hell.  Life is funny and ironic in the way it will always test us or guide us to the choices that shape our lives.  That does not happen by coincidence.  We all have kindred spirits or guiding angels helping us on our spiritual and karmic path. They are there loving you and helping you whether you know it or even believe it. My kindred spirits were there guiding me and they taught me what Hell is and what it isn’t. I have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and I know what I choose to believe and you have the free will to choose for yourself. As the saying goes, “The truth just might be stranger than fiction”.

Metaphysics and Lore has information on psychic reading using Tarot cards, clairvoyance, numerology, and the runes. It also includes information on what Wicca is and explains misconceptions about the craft. This book is great for any person looking for spiritual enlightenment from spirit guides or wanting to learn psychic reading and increase his or her psychic awareness. Psychic ability or psychic phenomena is a power and an ability that everyone has! It is like a muscle and the more it is used the stronger it gets. It is also great for anyone wanting to learn more about the runes and the spiritual magic and energies they possess. This book is a great resource on metaphysical enlightenment!

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